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Why choose reflexology. Feel Less Stressed

Relax ..... ease tension ..... increase well being

We all live busy lives and the stresses and strains can often overwhelm us. Reflexology can provide the space to feel at peace for a while, to be still and to allow our bodies and minds to find balance and inner strength.

Many people find the “ hands on” nature of reflexology soothing and relaxing and that it helps ease tension. You may also find that the therapy can improve your mood, aid sleep and promote a strong sense of well-being. People often report other benefits, such as easing of pain and stiffness, improved energy levels, relief of digestive problems and improvements in circulation.

Reflexology complements and works alongside conventional medicine to help you towards good health. The approach is holistic, taking into account you as a whole person, your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects. Reflexology recognises that all parts of the body have an effect on each other, that mind and body are connected, that every person is unique and that any health care needs to be tailored to you as an individual.

Benefits for elders

As well as supporting well being and relaxation reflexology offers the gift of touch and human contact.

Caring touch, and individual attention, given with respect, can have deep, positive effects on the emotional and physical wellness of older people.

My mobile reflexology service is ideal for those who cant walk or drive to a clinic, or would simply prefer a therapist to visit them so that they can put their feet up in their favourite chair! Treatments can also be arranged for elders living in sheltered accommodation and residential care homes .

Why choose reflexology. helpinghand

Reflexology in end of life care

Being diagnosed with a life limiting illness or facing the end of life can be very frightening. You may be in a state of shock or feel frustrated, angry, fearful, sometimes even guilty for the burden of care on the family. There is often difficult surgery and unpleasant medical treatments that batter your body and mind. There can be vulnerability and a sense of loss of self and a lack of control in one owns destiny.

The positive and therapeutic touch of reflexology can help relax the body, release "feel good" endorphins and calm troubled emotions. Reflexology can ease the daily challenges of living with terminal illness, often helping relieve pain and discomfort and the side effects of treatment. There is also time to focus on one self and to share concerns, in a safe and confidential space. Simply having someone neutral to talk to can be a great emotional release.

When offered alongside traditional medical treatment/care, reflexology can be very beneficial in end of life care. Treatment is always focused on what is best for the individual and modified to meet the changing effects of any illness, taking note of how one feels from day to day. We can use hand reflexology if it is not suitable to work on the feet.

Why choose reflexology. handsandfeet

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